Unusual Coffee Uses You Should Know!

We all love to consume coffee and it has been proved as beneficial for health. Other than consuming, it has a lot of unusual benefits. For home, and simple, life hacks. You can also use expired or used coffee for these purposes which literally means no extra spendings.

Coffee Kills Fridge Odor

Coffee has a rich aroma that is calming to the senses and gives a lush vibe. Who wouldn’t want to rather smell coffee than weeks-old leftovers, rotten products, and spoiled milk? 

If your fridge has foul odors, place a bowl or cup of unused coffee grounds inside and leave it for a day or two and it will absorb foul odors. 

This odor-killing trick is also used for practically anything else. Just place the item in a sealed plastic bag along with an open can or a bowl of coffee grounds and the stink will go away.

Clean It With Coffee

Used coffee is used as a cleaning abrasive. Simply store up your used coffee grounds and add some into your dirty pot or pan before hand washing. The spongy grounds are very helpful to clean greasy pans and the small snaggy edges of each ground clean even the grossest of dishware.

Scrub All Kinds Of Surfaces

Mildly coarse-grained and acidic, coffee grounds are great for scrubbing surfaces. Use them alone or mix them with a little dish soap to clean countertops, cooking ranges and refrigerators.

The Air Freshener

If your coffee grounds fall on the floor, don’t sweep them up and toss them in the trash. You can use them to make an all-natural DIY air freshener with it. Just take an old ripped pair of pantyhose and put the grounds into it and hang it where you need an air freshener.

The Secret Ingredient

A little bit of coffee can be the ingredient that becomes your secret magic in foods like ice cream, chocolate cake, and steak

You can even use used coffee grounds to marinate meats

Salt, enzymes, and acids are three natural types of meat tenderizers, and coffee contain natural acids and enzymes, making it especially effective at tenderizing meat. It not only makes it tender, but it’d also provide an inkling of a smoky flavor.

Touch Up Furniture Scratches

If you own wooden furniture, you must have noticed it can be scratched and scuffed. We have a solution for you. 

Simply make a paste of coffee in hot water and paste into the scratch using a cotton swab, allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes and then wipe with a cotton rag. Repeat if necessary until it matches the surrounding wood.

Fertilize Plants

You can add used coffee grounds around the acid-loving plant. Azaleas, blueberry shrubs, and rhododendrons are a few of the acid-loving plants that flourish when treated with it. The other simple way is, If you don’t use cream and sugar in your coffee, you can also dilute the leftover coffee in your cup and pour it into potted plants.

Coffee Makes Rich Compost

Composting is a process that turns organic items such as food scraps and yard debris into a rich material called compost or humus

Adding compost to your garden can help the soil hold onto more nutrients and water, which will result in improving the health of your plants. 

One study found that compost made with coffee grounds and kitchen waste was richer in nutrients than compost made with waste alone. They are rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper. 

Coffee grounds can help increase nutrient levels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions of your compost.

If you plan to compost on a large scale, you can get used grounds for free at your local spot or some cafe.

Pretty Vase Fillers

Fusty or dirty beans are still a thing of beauty. Use them to fill a vase or fill cups or jars full of pens and pencils with them. Not only do they look pretty, but they also continue to smell good for quite a while, too.

White Ceramic Mug Filled With Coffee Beside Coffee Beans

Repel Ants

Sprinkling dry, used coffee grounds where you notice ants in your home or yard can solve this problem for you. Ants will pick up and leave. To deal with huge ant mounds, pour an entire pot of brewed coffee on the mound.

Unusual Coffee Uses For Skin And Beauty!

A Breath Freshener

If you’re out of mints, sucking on a whole roasted coffee bean can work.

Just pop a whole bean in your mouth and you’ll have fresher breath than before and with its rich aroma in your breaths.

Palate Cleanser

You might have noticed that many perfume counters have a small dish of coffee beans nearby. Those beans are there to ‘cleanse your palate’ (olfactory). 

The reason you need to smell coffee beans between perfume samples is, when testing out powerful aromatics it can get hard to determine one scent from another. 

The strong odor of coffee beans excites different areas in your olfactory, which allows you a more sensitive smell for the next perfume you want to smell.’

Get Shiny Hair

Shampoos and other hair styling products often leave residue behind that dulls and weighs down your hair. And, who wouldn’t want shiny and healthy hair?

Coffee is recommended as a natural treatment to make hair glossy. Exfoliating your scalp with coffee grounds will remove product buildup and dead skin cells and speed up hair growth. Several studies have found that caffeine such as that is found in coffee stimulates human hair growth

Before you shampoo your hair, simply grab a handful of coffee grounds and massage them into your scalp and hair for a few minutes then wash and rinse.

Do this one to two times per week, or as needed.

OR the other method is: 

Prepare an extra-strong pot of coffee, let it cool and apply it to your dry hair. Leave it on for about twenty minutes, then rinse. 

Do it up once a week or so for the best results.

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Natural Dye

Coffee is a great natural dye for fabric, paper, Easter eggs – even your hair because of its natural pigments. 

You can paint on your shirt with it and also on paper in Art class.

Using coffee as a hair shine treatment, as mentioned above, may temporarily lend a rich, dark tint to your hair.

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Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that gives the skin a lumpy appearance. When fat deposits ram through the connective tissues under your skin and are mostly seen in the buttocks and thighs.

Pricey cellulite creams have one important ingredient in common: caffeine

Caffeine speeds up fat metabolism and increases blood flow to the area thus reducing the appearance of these fatty pockets under the skin. 

You can make your own coffee cellulite treatment at home:

Mix used grounds with coconut oil. Rub it onto your skin in circular motions for a few minutes before rinsing. Do this twice weekly.

Erase smells on your hands

Garlic, salmon, onions – there are some things that smell delicious while cooking and taste delicious but aren’t so pleasant when they linger on your hands. 

Get rid of the bad smell by rubbing a handful of used coffee grounds on your hands and rinsing with warm water.

Treat Under-Eye Circles

The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely delicate and has very little fat tissue. This is because it’s one of the first places you see signs of aging.

Many things contribute to the development of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, including fragile blood vessels, poor blood circulation, and inadequate skin quality.

Skincare products containing antioxidants and caffeine help prevent the appearance of aging and reduce under-eye circles. Coffee has high antioxidants and caffeine and it’s cheaper treatment. This is why it’s a promising solution due to its high antioxidant and caffeine contents.

Caffeine, in particular, has anti-inflammatory properties and it also stimulates blood circulation around the eyes. Which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling.

The antioxidants in it also help fight free radicals (free radicals contribute to skin aging.)

Simply make a paste of coffee grounds by adding water or coconut oil. Apply it under your eyes and leave it for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat this process daily or a few times weekly.

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