How To Celebrate A Birthday Alone?

14 October 2019, today my twenty-second birthday, no one wished me other than my sister who called in the morning and my friend texted in the night. They made me smile. I was grateful. I felt grateful that they at least remembered me.

The reason I am writing this is that I have spent years to please people, to make them happy and feel special. Today those people, even exist in my life, do not remember me. It’s weird how we care about people who do not care.

I should be sad and distressed but I am not. Because I have realized that no matter what you do for others, how much love you give them. They will treat you the way they want. Your importance in their stare would always remain as they want it to be.

So, having a birthday bash alone without an audience is necessary, even people don’t remember you, but you love yourself. You need to love yourself. You need to be habitual to live alone, without feeling alone.

Here are my pieces of advice for the birthday person from me:

Cut the cake and have plenty of it.


Go To The Salon

Go to the salon or spa, get a good massage, manicures pedicures, and a haircut if you feel like it. It is a treat that you should give yourself, to relax and feel at ease.

Even if you’re at a low budget, you can get a manicure and pedicure at home, or at least have a bubble bath and relax while listening to your favorite music.

Eat Your Favourite Food

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, today is your day, have food, that is full of your favorite dishes and have the taste you are craving. You can make it yourself, because of course, you need to be active on your birthday, treat yourself with love and care.

Shop For Yourself

Shop for yourself, be it a new dress, sandals or watch, shop anything that you like and gift it to yourself. Buy your favorite drink and roam in the shopping center to find the perfect gift for yourself that is good as well as in your budget.

Get ready in The Night

Even if no one is around and no one to compliment you, just get ready! Wear your favorite dresses, shoes, perfumes, and watch, put extra effort to get ready. Drive to your favorite restaurant and be your own date.

Order your favorite dessert and if possible order your favorite pastries after the diner.

Blast The Music

Well, music can really be helpful when you need to soothe your soul and ease your nerves. Let the music be the best friend you need on your birthday. Listen to your favorite songs that cheer you up.

Watch A Movie

Go to the cinema and watch a movie that is from your favorite movie genre. Watching a movie can be a good treat to yourself, something new to think about or have to review on.

Write Plans For Your Next Birthday

Before going to bed, write about how your day went and what changes would you want to make the next year on your birthday. If you would want to throw a party and invite people over. Would you rather spend it alone or with your friends?

Sign Up For Gifts!

Amazon and other websites offer gift cards and extra special deals and discounts on your birthday and special days. Sign up now and add your birthdate!

Starbucks also offer discounts and special free drink on your birthday!

Here, we have a planned birthday to spend. My birthday went okay-ish, listening to music, creating different scenarios in my mind and traveling while I appreciated the imperfect beauty of the sides of the motorway full of mountains of cement, rocks, shrubs and palm trees.

Right now, I’m sitting among everyone and I have gotten ready. I am weirded out by the fact that no one remembers my birthday and no one questions me why I have gotten ready. Well, again, if others don’t care, it should never mean that you stop caring for yourself. 

Love yourself, it is as important as loving others.

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  1. Nakul says:

    Beautiful. It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs.

    Cheers to You.
    Cheers to Life.

    1. Thank you Nakul! Your comments always cheer me up!

      1. Nakul says:

        Coincidentally, i have a friend who was upset yesterday about no one remembering her birthday and i thought your blog might cheer her up. And it did. She got up and went out to treat herself.

        1. Wow, this makes me really happy. Selflove and self-care are too important in this time when no one actually thinks about others.

          1. Nakul says:

            TRUE. I realized that the hard way. Still working on it.

  2. Kashan says:

    Really amazing…
    I faced every year this…
    No one remembers…
    I travel and eat favourite foods.
    No one asks me anything…
    But i am special for me…

    1. Exactly. You should never forget that how we see ourselves and treat ourselves. It defines us. Loving ourselves is a strong trait. We should never feel left out because we are with us.

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