What Are The Habits You Need To Give Up?

No one wants to hear this but we all have bad habits. Habits become a part of our personalities and have a significant influence on how we behave, act or live our lives.

It is important to know what habits do we have. How they benefit us or are they harmful? It is important to keep ourselves in check to lead a lavish lifestyle that is also peaceful.

Some habits are universal and everyone has them. But are they good? Are they harmless or they are putting our physical and mental health to risk? What are those habits?

Let’s have a read and know what habits you need to give up right now!

What Are The Five Habits You Need To Give Up?

Stop Overthinking

Thinking is a natural and vital process. It makes us creative and gives us different ideas and thoughts to be happy. But thinking too much is a disease. Even if the thoughts are happy thoughts and not necessarily toxic ones, thinking too much is not good for our mental health.

Thinking is good in a sufficient amount and for relevant and necessary reasons is healthy but when you start thinking unnecessarily and in no context, it becomes a risk to your health.

Overthinking can be of two types, one is thinking about the past events and regretting how things happened. You keep on giving new meanings to those events or try to think of ways how they could have been better.

The other type is thinking of the future and how things are gonna turn out. It can be related to your health, a recent event, something you have got on the mind. You keep on thinking how things should happen and you start fearing if they wouldn’t happen that particular way.

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Overthinking can lead to depression and anxiety. It can make you irritable and fearful. You start looking at things in the worst way possible and your thoughts become negative and you become hopeless.


Nothing in this life is permanent, situations, people, events, money, everything comes and goes. What stays is you, with yourself, and stressing over temporary things can be harmful to your mental health which is dangerous in the long run.

Let go and let things flow through, let things come and go, just relax and try to ease your nerves. Overthinking doesn’t do anything but stress you out for no reason. Let things happen and face them practically than overthinking. Time is meant to pass, don’t waste it stressing over stuff that isn’t more important than your mental health.

Stop Letting Yourself Down

Yes. We all do that. Sometimes, to make a loved one happy or sometimes, because we are having one of those low self-esteem attacks. We let ourselves down, without even knowing that we are doing that.

How to know when you’re letting yourself down?

Saying yes to things you don’t wanna do is letting yourself down. Taking an insult on some activities you love to do is letting yourself down. Agreeing when people say bad things about you is letting yourself down. Not taking advantage of a certain opportunity is letting yourself down. Giving up opportunities for a friend, who is a colleague is letting yourself down. Sacrificing your self-esteem is letting yourself down.
Goodness is good, helping others is good but when the goodness and helping others is not in your favor, it’s simply letting yourself down.

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You need to know how to put yourself above all. You need to know when to say yes and when to say no.
Why should something you do be credited to your friend or your colleague? Why should your excellence be ignored? In the flow of emotions, you need not let yourself down by giving up your happiness for others.
Showing off is not a good trait but owning and taking your credit is very necessary and healthy.

Stop thinking low of yourself and start appreciating your good traits, your merits. You need to tell yourself that you deserve all the happiness and goodness and who’s gonna get it for you? It’s you.

You have to work on your happiness, to fetch it, to fulfill yourself.

Put Away Gadgets Before Bad

Smartphones and other gadgets are the best inventions in science because they make things easier for us. They connect us to people, save our time, entertain us and give us the information we need. Your smartphone lays right beside you on your bed or even under the pillow when you go to sleep. It is because you want to answer emails, calls or texts.

But, do we realize what damage it is causing to our brain and our health? These are the harmful effects of using a smartphone, tablets, laptops before bed.

Your mind psychologically is engaged

Using any gadgets before sleep can leave your mind awake and restless.

Smartphones entertain us and give us information to think about. But when it’s bedtime, the last thing our brain needs is more information and more entertainment.

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Checking your phone stimulates the brain, as a result, we are more active and awake. Your mind can stay active and engaged long after you’ve scrolled through your newsfeed or replied to a few emails.

Going to bed and falling asleep should be a peaceful and relaxing experience. Using your phone near bedtime can negatively impact those feelings. Even a quick check can engage your brain and prolong the sleep, which makes you irritated and tired in the morning.

Light Suppresses Melatonin

The light that your smartphone or any other gadget emits is not only bad for your vision, but it’s bad for your brain too.
The melatonin hormone is responsible for controlling your sleep-wake cycle. When your body has low amounts of it, you experience insomnia, tiredness, and irritability during the day.

Research suggests that a serious connection between suppressed levels of melatonin and exposure to blue light.
The light from your phone is an artificial light that mimics daylight. Using smartphones during the day can be great since it can make you feel more alert. Though, it’s the opposite of what you need at night when all you require is a peaceful sleep.

Our circadian rhythm is in tune with light and dark. It is why you feel tired and sleepy at night when the sun starts to set and why you feel more energized in the morning when it’s light.

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Exposure to blue light can affect your body clock and throw off your circadian rhythm. Looking at phones, TV’s, or any other gadgets artificial light right before bed can disrupt your body’s sleep-wake clock and rhythm.

Your phone and other gadgets are supposed to make your life easier and entertain you, but using it at night before bed is the exact opposite. It’s distracting you by keeping you awake, stimulating your brain and as a result, you experience poor sleep and irritability.

What should you do?

It is recommended to cut off-screen time one hour before bed, but it is also fine if you discontinue it only thirty minutes before bed. Even if smartphones are generally the main culprit, but even tablets, laptops and TVs emit light that contributes to poor sleep.

It’s important to establish a relaxing bedtime routine and discourage activities that can lead to anxiety or high emotional response.

If you are struggling with limiting screen time before bed, put your phone in a different room. And invest in a clock for your bedside table. There are also options on your phone like putting it on night mode to minimize distractions.

Stop Complaining!

Sometimes, we complain too much. Even about the littlest of things and behaviors of people. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming, and complaining is good to let some steam off but it does the exact opposite. It makes us fretful and restless.

While we can simply ignore, take a deep breath, and be grateful for all that we have. Why take the stress and complain about things that are out of our control? Why not simply sit back and express gratitude for what is right?

Stop complaining and start changing the way you see things, and it might change the things that you complain about. It is very necessary to get out of the loudness for once in a while. So, maybe, take a day off and go out and do what you love? Treat yourself.

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